Linked are a powerpoint presentation of the impacts of the 'dedicated' entrance at 9th and Lincoln, the impacts to the Richmond of the Garage with one or two entrances.

FROM THE DECISION of Judge Warren:
PAGE 16 LINES 9-13
"The Court rules that, based on the clear and unequivocal language of Proposition J*, and in light of the current state of the Record, the City may not construct an entrance/exit inside the Park without first attempting to design a dedicated access route to that entrance that itself begins at a locations outside of the Park."

PAGE 23 LINES 26/28
FOOTNOTE 5 The Court notes that it is possible that, following the needed environmental studies and public input sessions, the City may conclude (as it did with Seventh Avenue/Irving Street proposal) that such a dedicated roadway is not possible to construct without doing unacceptable violence to either the Park or to the affected residential areas of San Francisco. Whether or not the court would be able to give its approval to such a conclusion will necessarily rest up on the state of the Record at that time, and the Court here does not prognosticate the outcome should the City reach such a conclusion.

The question is, what is "dedicated?" The Authority will be told Tuesday that dedicated does not mean exclusive.** Below are all the text and graphics for the various options, BUT they clearly state preference for Option 1. (shown below) I have created photoshop'd images of what this will mean at 9th & Lincoln and MLK & Middle Drive. It's nasty and requires unpresidented traffic patterns for separating garage and park traffic.

OPTION 10 has only the Fulton and 10 Ave entrance. They try to claim that a single entrance would "adversely impact traffic in the Richmond." Lets do the numbers: Looking at Saturday mid-day as the worst case, their own Transportation Study expects 195 cars/hr (c/h) to go in and out at the north entrance, but at the troubled south entrance the have only 57 c/h entering and 138 leaving. Thats a total of 390 cars per hour entering and leaving the garage. With the proposed traffic mitigation plan for 10th Ave, north of the Park, all traffic from the garage will use Fulton. Fulton noon Saturday carries 1807 c/h, weekday rush hour max 2,096. Adding ALL of the garage traffic to Fulton on Saturdays would be 2,197 and increase of 100 over rush hour or 10%. All this does not take into account the traffic reductions realized by the current Concourse closure, about 30%.



*"An underground public parking facility within or near the Concourse with a dedicated entrance and exit (or entrances and exits) outside of the Park will enhance such public access. It will also minimize the potential conflict between recreational enthusiasts and automobile traffic within the Park, including John F. Kennedy Drive and abutting roads." (PROP J)

**“Cars travelling inside the Park that are destined for the garage could also enter the dedicated lane at intersections within the Park where the lane striping would be broken to permit mergers and turns through the dedicated lane.” (DEDICATED ROUTE REPORT)

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