A charming and

whimsical story about

the love between

pets and their owners.

A small but feisty terrier, Mr. Bumble learns the meaning of friendship and love through his experiences on both ends of the leash--as a pet owned by his mistress Jane, and then walking his own pet, the wise and humorous hippo called Mr. Rumble.
Written in the style of a children’s book, with 22 pages of full color illustrations, it is intended as a story for anyone--of any age--who has ever felt the joys of owning, and the sadness of losing, a pet.

Mr. Bumble and the Hippo is 104 pages, 8”x10”, paperbound and printed on high quality, acid-free paper, with 17 black and white illustrations, in addition to the color collages.

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Text Copyright: Bill Wheatley 2000 Image Copyright: Jane Duderstadt 2000

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