Urban impact to the Concourse is another matter. Since the Fine Arts Pavilion was left after the Mid-Winters Fair, structures have increased 20 fold.

Though an earlier casino had come and gone, in 1900 a new casino was proposed for the area later occupied by the Academy. There was great debate as to what kind of institution it would be. Wallace Irwin wrote in the Examiner:

“Now shall Golden Gate Park have a Casino? And if it has a Casino, shall it be a place
where the bubbles break upon the lips of wine glasses; where the bottles are very
cold and the birds very hot; where the gourmet may tickle his palate with sauces and
gravies and relishes: Or shall it be a Casino were the beer shall foam over stein and
beaker; where the pretzel shall tangle the teeth with thirst; where the meftwurst , the
sauerkraut and the sausage lay claim to the gustatory delights? Or shall it be a
Casino given over to the lemonade, the ginger pop, the milk shake and the sandwich?”

A temperate outcry opposed the selling of “spirituous liquors” in the Park and in 1910 voters approved a small structure for the Academy of Science.

Golden Gate Park is host to hundreds of activities, each taking their turn for brief moments and most leaving only memories.

The Park is much more then pastoral or silvan vegetation, roadways, and structures.

The Park is also all of the people that share it.